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KPI Pulse

4.4 ( 6304 ratings )
ビジネス 仕事効率化
開発者 Advance Business Consulting

KPI pulse allows all users to view their important business metrics and KPI’s seamlessly and securely from their iOS device.

KPI pulse makes it easy to build and securely share metrics and scorecards with all users, both within your company as well as with external customers and suppliers.

Charts and reports developed within QlikView® can be automatically filtered for each user and then published to their phone. Each user, once registered, doesn’t need to login again, so their metrics are instantly visible.

Users can click on each metric, to drill down, allowing them to gain further insights into what’s driving performance.

Using the in-built chat capability, allows managers or team leaders to ask questions about why a performance metric isn’t being met.

The KPI pulse server must be installed on a suitable server or workstation along with a QlikView® client in order to generate the metric indicators.